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Smiles in Los Angeles Scholarship

Downtown Los Angeles Dentist Dr. Silva Arejian has remained a supporter of academic success since her graduation from USC. To show her appreciation for the value of education, her practice is sponsoring a $1,000 scholarship for students in all academic pursuits. Through this opportunity, she aims to set students on a path that will help them excel academically and step closer towards launching their careers.

The Smiles in Los Angeles scholarship will be renewed annually and is available for students in any academic major. To apply for this scholarship, students must submit an essay response to the provided mailing address or email. The award will be provided to students based on the quality of their response.

Amount:  $1,000

Deadline:  February 18, 2015


Students must be U.S. citizens and attending an accredited tertiary school or research institution.


Submit a 1,000 word response to the provided essay question.  Include your name, phone number, and mailing address in order to be contacted.

Mail or E-Mail Submissions to:

Smiles in Los Angeles Scholarship
5030 2nd St. #206
Long Beach, CA 90803

Essay Question:

Describe an inspiring factor that influenced you in choosing your current major.  What do you want to accomplish in your chosen profession?  How will you do it?   Please include a personal introduction and conclusion in your essay.