Help! My Teeth are Yellow

Do you have a smile that can light up a room? Or are you more likely to try to pose with a closed-lipped smile when you’re having your photo taken?

Yellow teeth can make it hard to feel your most self-confident. Fortunately, you’re not stuck with teeth that make you look less than your best. 

At our office in Downtown Los Angeles, Silva A. Arejian, DDS, specializes in teeth whitening. In fact, she has three different whitening methods available to help lift stains and give you a dazzling smile. If you’re bothered by yellow teeth, let’s take a quick look at the options available to you at our office.  

Turning yellow teeth white

You don’t have to choose potentially painful, often unreliable store bought whitening kits to get brighter teeth. Dr. Arejian offers three different teeth whitening treatments to give you the dramatic results you want:

Laser whitening

This treatment uses lasers to get more effectiveness from your teeth whitening treatment. Dr. Arejian applies a specialized bleaching agent to your tooth, then applies the laser to heat it. That speeds and strengthens the teeth whitening effects, helping you get dramatic results in just one office visit. 

Philips Zoom in-office teeth whitening

This treatment works similarly. Dr. Arejian applies the whitening agent to your teeth, then shines the specialized WhiteSpeed blue LED light on your teeth. This comfortable treatment helps you get teeth up to eight shades whiter in just one hour.

Take-home teeth whitening

While Dr. Arejian’s in-office whitening options help you get dramatic results in an hour or less, you may want more flexibility in your teeth whitening.

To offer that, she can provide you with take-home teeth whitening. If you choose this treatment, she customizes whitening trays to fit comfortably in your mouth and provides you with a professional-grade bleaching solution to use at home. This helps you get brighter, whiter teeth in just weeks. 

If you want whiter teeth, talk with Dr. Arejian. She can help you choose the right teeth whitening treatment to give you your ideal results. 

Keeping your teeth white

After teeth whitening treatment, it’s important that you’re mindful of things that can yellow your teeth again. Those include:

Dr. Arejian can help you make changes — like using a straw when drinking soda — to protect your newly whitened teeth. 

Don’t let yellow teeth rob you of confidence. To explore your teeth whitening options, call our office or schedule your appointment online today.

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