How Does Invisalign Compare With Traditional Braces?

The days when you had to fill your mouth with metal to get a straight smile are long gone. Today, thanks to Invisalign®, you can get an even, aligned smile without mounting a single bracket to your teeth.

People often wonder how Invisalign compares to traditional braces. And as an Invisalign specialist, Silva A. Arejian, DDS, can help you best understand how this teeth-straightening system can work for you. She offers Invisalign from our office in Downtown Los Angeles.

But if you want to learn more about Invisalign before your office visit, we’ve got you covered. 

Invisalign vs. traditional braces

Braces work by guiding brackets — each fastened to one of your teeth — along a stiff archwire. 

Invisalign works similarly. But instead of guiding your teeth along a wire, this system slowly shifts your teeth into the right spot using a series of clear plastic aligners. When you choose Invisalign, Dr. Arejian provides you with multiple aligners, each custom-fitted for you.

You wear the first aligner in your series for a set period of time (usually 1-2 weeks), then you swap it out for your next aligner. Each one gently guides your teeth closer to their perfect alignment, all without the need to add any metal to your smile. 

Plus, Invisalign usually works faster than traditional braces. Most people achieve their dream smile in 12-18 months. 

Another benefit of Invisalign is its flexibility. You only need to wear your aligners for 20-22 hours each day. That means you can take them out to eat, play sports, give presentations at work or school, and more. Just brush your teeth and your aligners before you pop them back in after eating. This prevents staining. 

And because you can remove your aligners, cleaning your teeth is easy each morning and night. You don’t have to worry about threading floss under an archwire or brushing around brackets. You can perform your dental hygiene tasks just like you always have. 

There is one downside of Invisalign, though. This system tends to cost a little bit more than traditional braces. That said, many people think it’s well worth it to not have to live with a mouth full of metal. 

Invisalign benefits

In summary, Invisalign offers some notable benefits when compared with traditional braces. Specifically, you get:

If you’ve wanted straighter teeth without the appearance-change or hassle of braces, Invisalign could be just what you need. To learn more about this teeth-straightening option, call our office or schedule your appointment online today.

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